Anti-overflow Breather Valve (Flange)

Part No.: 18500004-00
Norminal Diameter: 50MM
Nominal Pressure: 6Bar
Design Tempreature: – 40°C~ + 120°C
Contact Part: CF8
Seal: NBR

Anti-overflow Breathing Valve (Flange) – Flange connection.Installed on top of the tanker, exhalation opening pressure 6 to 12 kpa,suction opening pressure -4 to -2 kpa. Fitted with a flameproof gauze. Has the function of overflow prevention, when the tank is tilted or overturned on its side, the medium inside the tank is prevented from flowing out.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
218500004-02Main Seal
318500004-03Stress Ball
418500004-04Back Plate
58598150065Jump Ring
618500004-05Flameproof Gauzes
818500004-06Vacuum Valve Pad
1018500004-08Pressure Valve Pad
1118500004-09Pressure Spring
1318500004-10Vacuum Spring

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