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Grande-Tek Flow Control Co. Ltd offers the finest fittings and valves at an affordable price. We have 100% tested our products with unique serial numbers for traceability. We use the best manufacturing processes and materials to guarantee satisfying results.

We help our customers find the perfect fitting and valve solutions for their Liquified gas tank trailers. Our products are available across the world through a trusted international distribution network.

Liquified gas tank trailers carries propane, propylene, butylene, isobutane and n-butane. products.

Grand-Tek Flow Control Co. Ltd offers the following Liquified gas tank trailers


DN50 LPG Ball Valve

The Valve body and flange are threaded connection, The valve body is also equipped with a special small ball valve and DC quick coupling. Multi stage seal on spindle.

LPG Internal Relief Valve

Is designed for pressure ranges from 6.9 to 23.5 Bar. Contact parts are made of304/316 stainless steel. Install Teflon seals as standard.

LPG remote control device (three ratchet)

Is used for remote control of liquid and gas valves in LPG/LNG liquid tank. This product can realize remote control of three valves and emergency cut-off function at the same time. In addition, double ratchet LPG remote control device can be selected.

45 Degree cutoff  Valve(Liquid)

DN50 liquid valve. Inlet flange 8×ф18mm are all distributed on the

ф 160 circles. Outlet flange 4×ф 18mm are all distributed on the ф 125 circles.The valve is provided with

overflow cut-off function.

45 Degree cutoff  Valve(Air-operated)-gas valve

Inlet flange 4×ф18mm are all distributed on the ф 125 circles.Outlet flange 4×ф 14mm are all distributed on the ф 85 circles. The valve is provided with overflow cut-off function.

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