Grande-Tek Flow Control Co. Ltd offers the finest fittings and valves at an affordable price. We have 100% tested our products with unique serial numbers for traceability. We use the best manufacturing processes and materials to guarantee satisfying results.

We help our customers find the perfect fitting and valve solutions for their SS ADR TANKS Trailers. Our products are available across the world through a trusted international distribution network.

SS ADR TANKS Trailer carries powders, liquids, and hazardous chemical products. Getting the best quality fittings, valves, and accessories is necessary for the smooth transport or storage of these products.

Grand-Tek Flow Control Co. Ltd offers the following SS ADR TANKS Trailer products:

Ball Valves

We offer top-notch ball valves that can be fluid inlets or outlets. They are typically installed on ADR Tanker Trailer’s top as top discharge providers. They are also helpful as bottom outlets. They are available in different sizes, from ND40 to ND100.

Top specifications:

Outlet connection: flanged and threaded

Compact or self-contained

Contact material: 316L stainless steel

Certifications: IMDG, RID, ADR


With our manlid products, ADR Tank Trailer personnel can access the inside of the trailer for repair or inspection. The neckrings can be profiled or straight alongside a compensating ring if necessary. We provide a range of gasket materials and manlid assemblies.


Top specifications:

Contact materials: aluminum, carbon steel, duplex, and stainless steel

Vertical or horizontal

Surface finish: halar lined coverlid, electropolished, raw, and acid etched

Working temperature: standard or high


Airlines valves allow ADR Tank Trailers to be connected to a compressed air supply or vapor line to deliver vapor recovery. They also help purge the trailer or accelerate unloading. A 40mm-50mm butterfly valve or ball valve is commonly used. We supply a variety of airline valves with flanged or threaded connections.

Top specifications:

Outlet connection: threaded and flanged

Inlet connections: open/closed slots, different drilling patterns

Contact material: 316L stainless steel

Vast choice of accessories: filter, gauges, gauge guard

Safety Relief Valve

Safety relief valves are designed to let off pressure where ADR Tank Trailer becomes over-pressurized. Then, they re-close and prevent further steam, gas, or fluid release after restoring normal conditions. They can be single or double acting. We provide different valve sizes, from DN20 to DN80.

Top specifications:

Vast options of accessories: setting gasket material, flameproof gauge, gauges, gauge guards

Contact material: 316L stainless steel

Surface finish: halar lined and acid etched

Inlet connection: flanged or threaded

Bottom Discharge

A bottom discharge is fitted at the SS ADR TANKS Trailer’s bottom for smooth and safe loading and unloading. Aside from the footvalve, it consists of a second closure valve and an outlet nozzle. We offer pneumatic and mechanic actuated footvalves.

Top specifications:

Inlet connections: different drilling patterns

Single or combined body

Internal diameters: 3” and 4”

Outlet connection: flange, camlock, 3” BSP nozzle, etc.

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Our products undergo strict strength, tear, fatigue, and pressure tests. We also conduct flow measurements. This provides us the confidence that our customers can enjoy 100% satisfaction.