LNG Tank Trailer

Natural gas is liquefied at a temperature of -161°C and enables this versatile fuel to be supplied without depending on pipelines. We use our many years of experience in the field of industrial air gases to provided valves which are optimised for small-scale LNG applications.

When liquefied at cryogenic temperatures, the volume of industrial gases reduces by a factor of up to 600 and therefore enables economic solutions for transport and storage. Our know-how in the development and manufacture of cryogenic valves guarantees maximum process reliability in the handling of industrial gases.

Now Grande tek can supply full sets of valves for Cryogenic tanks, such as Globe valves, control valves, check valves, gate valves, fill systems as well as safety valves for Cryogenic Services

Cryogenic Emergency cut-off Valve

An emergency shut-off device for cryogenic equipment such as cryogenic storage tanks or tank trucks. When the outside temperature is higher than 70± 5℃, the emergency shut-off valve is automatically closed, the medium is cut off,and the tank or tank truck is protected.Suitable for LNG,LC2H4. Welding connection.The flow direction of the medium flows from the high side to the low side of the valve body.

Cryogenic Globe Valve

Suitable for LNG or other cryogenic medium.With PCTFE seal. Design temperature range-80℃~80°℃.

Relief Valve

Weld-prepared inlet and outlet. 1.6Mpa pressure setting with PCTFE seal . Design temperature range – 196℃~80℃.

DN25 Five way Ball Valve

“T” type five-way ball valve is mainly used an the safety valve installation body of the combined safety system valve. With PCTFE seal. Design temperature range-196℃-80℃.

Cryogenic Check Valve

Suitable for LNG, prevent medium from flowing back. With PCTFE seal. Design temperature range -196℃ ~80℃.

The flame arrester is made up of many small pipes and gaps so that the gas can penetrate.

These pipes and gaps are extremely small so they can block and extinguish the flame.

The operation temperature is below 300 degrees Celsius.