Powder Blower

Part No : CF403101-00
Connection :
Inlet Flange 2 Inch Fitting
Outlet Connection Type: Inch Quick Connect
Nominal Pressure :PN2
Design Temperature : – 40°C ~ +200°C
Contact Parts :Silica Gel、304
Seal :Silica Gel、PTFE

Blower is used for powder tank car in a blow aid, this product 2″ joint connecting the main air inlet channel, 1.5″ joint in series with other blower used in high pressure gas flow, the main sealing material of the product is made of silica gel, in addition,the main body can be selected for two,one two specifications of products.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
1CF402101-01Sealing Cap
2CF402101-02-00Fixed Bracket Assembly
3CF402101-03-00Sealing Steel Plate Assembly
5CF403101-01Three Way
7CF402101-07Fixed Nut Assembly
8CF403101-02Three-way Label For Powder Blower

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