Clamped Remote Control Butterfly Valve

Part No.: LS212K01-00
Norminal Diameter: DN125
Nominal Pressure: 4bar
Design Tempreature: – 40C ~ 200C
Contact Part: CF8
Seal: PTFE

Clamped Remote Control Butterfly Valve-Left open, controlled by pneumatic remote control.It is equipped with customs lead seal and positioning pin to prevent leakage caused by valve plate displacement due to bumps during transportation. Multi stage seal on spindle. Contact parts in 316 stainless steel with PTFE main seal.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
1L S212K01-01Adaptor Flange
2LS212K01-02Connection sleeve
3L S212K01-035" Body
4WG09RT1 60DAPneumatic Actuator
585983300M12* 30M10 Bolt
7859811001210 Spring Washer
885983300M8*25M8 Bolt
98598100088 Washer
1085981 1008Spring Washer
1185984400M8M8 Nut
12DLJ65C01-025" Seal Clamp Plate
13DLJ65C01-035" Main Seal
14DLJ64C01-05Bottom Spindle
15DLJ64C01-06Bottom Bush
16DLJ65C01-045" Closure Plate
1885320000140*3.55140×3.55 O-Ring
19DLJ68001-09Split Bearing
20DLJ68001-1014×3 O-Ring
21DLJ68001-1713.4×3 Encapsulated O-Ring
22DLJ68001-18Spindle Packing

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