T50 Tank Container

Grand-Tek Flow Control Co. Ltd aims to help secure the transfer, transport, and process of fluids or gasses by providing the best quality products, from valves to fittings. We combine innovation, quality, and customer service for guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

Our customers can choose various valve solutions and fittings for their T50 Tank Containers. We supply the industries we serve with the finest equipment to ensure safety in all operations.

T50 Tank Container is ideal for transporting and storing liquified gases. This medium non-cryogenic container is used for C3+ products, such as butanes, propylene, and propane.


Guard T50 gas relief valve is available in three basic designs:

Pressure relief valve only -the most basic model.

Pressure relief valve with bursting disc holder – for tanks carrying products that require a burst disc to be fitted in series.

Pressure relief valve only with bursting disc provision- the mounting flange allows the fitting of a burst disc holder at a later stage.

The valve is located on the top of the tank in the gas phase and is designed to relieve any accidental over pressure, including a fire engulfment situation.

The design incorporates a number of unique features:The main seal can be replaced in-situ without taking the valve off the tank, even with a pressurized tank.

The valve can be serviced without the need for special equipment. The valve will operate manually even if its port is covered in ice due to harsh weather conditions.


Grande tek offers a range of internal emergency valves for the liquid and gas phases of tank containers.

2’’ T50 Gas Valve- 50OPSI (34.5bar) pressure setting, test pressure1015PSI(70 Bar). Inlet flange drilled 4 x ф18 holes equi-spaced on 125mm PCD. Complete with 2″ ball valve. Supplied with a 1.75’’ ACME outlet and cap.

2’’ T50 Liquid Valve—500PSI (34.5bar) pressure setting, test pressure 1015PSK(70 Bar). Inlet flange drilled 4 ×ф18 holes equi-spaced on 125mm PCD. Complete with 2″ ball valve. Supplied with a 3.25″ACME outlet and cap.