IBC Tank Container

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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are pallet-mounted industrial-grade reusable containers that transport and store bulk powders and liquids. They can stack and be removed by forklift or pallet jack.

IBC Tank Containers are used  in the food, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries. stainless steel IBC totes meet or exceed all Title CFR49 requirements, UN31A and UL142 design approvals, and are approved per NFPA 30 section 9.4.1 (1) for flammable and combustible liquids. The tanks have a 1.9 specific gravity rating and are effective in the storage and transport of various chemicals.

We offer different IBC Tank Container products. Our expert team will help you with the selection process if you are unsure which one to pick.

Here are our IBC Tank Container products:

Ball Valves

We offer ball valves known for their durability, affordability, and strength. Aside from easy installation, they make the IBC Tank Container more efficient. Our customers can expect reliable sealing capabilities and long service life.


Manlids allow easy access to the IBC Tank Container to perform inspection, repairs, and maintenance. They are known for their resistance to chemicals, cleanability, energy efficiency, low weight, and suitability for liquids and powders.

Safety Relief Valve

Safety relief valves are effective in protecting IBC Tank Containers against excessive vacuum or accidental over pressure.

They can either be single or double acting, depending on the model. We offer these valves in different sizes, from DN20 to DN80.

Bottom Discharge

IBC Tank Containers have 3 stainless steel closures at the bottom, of which bottom discharges are first installed. In short, they are designed to fit at the tank container’s bottom. They have external or internal springs.

Fusible cap And more!

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