T1-T22 Tank Containers

Grand-Tek Flow Control Co. Ltd is a global leader in designing and manufacturing top-notch tank safety and fluid transfer equipment for chemicals, powders, oil, liquified gas, and foodstuffs.

For T1-T22 Tank Container, we offer the finest and competitively priced valves and fittings. We are committed to ensuring the fast delivery and availability of our products.

T1-T22 Tank Containers

T1-T22 Tank Containers are suitable for transporting hazardous and non-hazardous materials, such as:

Fluid food products

Solvents/synthetic compounds

Nitric acid/sulfur acid

Hydrogen peroxide

Condensed sugars

Milk and other dairy products

Molasses, And more!

We help our customers get suitable valves and fittings for their T1-T22 Tank Containers when shipping a wide range of items. Here are our products:

Ball Valves

Ball valves are designed as fluid inlets or outlets. They are often installed on top of tanks or tankers as top discharge provisions. They are also installed at the bottom as part of the bottom outlets. They come in a range of sizes, from ND40 to ND100.

They are used to control the liquid or airflow. Since they can be opened/closed quickly, they are suitable for fast-moving liquids.


We offer a complete range of manlids, including manlid assemblies, manlid clamps, manlid covers, and manlid neckring. Manlids are used on road tankers, rail tank cars, and tank containers. They allow access to the tanks or tankers to carry out a repair, maintenance, and inspections.

Our manlids are also suitable for storage tanks intended for foodstuff liquid products and chemicals. Customizations are possible, like logos, flanges, fittings, etc.


Airline connections help prevent tanks or tankers from implosion or explosion when loading and unloading items. They are usually connected to vapor recovery lines. They are commonly used for vapor recovery or inert gas blanketing.

We offer butterfly valves and ball valves for airline connections. Our customers can choose from a vast choice of accessories, such as filters, gauge guards, and other gauges.

Safety Relief Valve

Safety relief valves are intended for protecting tanks against excessive vacuum and accidental over pressure. They can be single or double acting, depending on the model. We offer safety relief valves in varying sizes, from DN20 to DN80.

Bottom Discharge

Bottom discharge is fitted at the bottom of tanks or tankers for smooth loading and unloading. It often comes with a foot valve, a second closure valve (butterfly or ball valve), and an outlet nozzle.

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