Remote Control Breather Valve(closed)

Part No.: 18800002-00
Nominal Diameter: DN80
Design Temperature: – 20°C~ 150°C
Contact Parts: 304
Seal:Food Grade Silicone Rubber

Remote Control Breather Valve ( Closed ) – welded flange connection,pneumatic remote control, O-ring material is food grade silastic. Pneumatic opening strength, can prevent blockage caused by crystalline adhesion of the product.The fully closed can avoid product volatilization and leakage.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
118800002-01Weld-in Flange
218800002-02-00Closure Plate Assembly
318800002-03-00Support Seal Flange Assembly
418800002-04Seal Gasket
518800002-05Cylinder Mount
618800001-06Vacuum Spring
718800001-07Negative Pressure Spring Upper Mount
818800001-08Main Cylinder Joint
918800001-09Open Rollers
1018800001-10-00Open Roller Mount
1118800002-06Ventilation Valve Fixed Seat
1218800001-12-00Main Cylinder Assembly
1318800001-13-00Directional Valve Assembly
1418800001-14-00Indicator Cylinder Mount
1518800001-15-00Indicator Cylinder Assembly
1618800001-16Instruction Panel
178553000012*18*4C Type Rubber Dust Ring
1885987100M12*35M12*30 Bolt
198598110012Spring Washer
2085984400M12M12 Nut
2185984400M12M4*35 Capscrew
22859811004Spring Washer
2485984400M4M4 Nut
2585983300M6*16M6*16 Bolt
26859811006Spring Washer
2885984400M6M6 Nut
2985988100M8*20M8* 20 Capscrew
30859811008Spring Washer
31859864005*245*24 Hinge Pin
32859860002*14 2.0*14 Split Pin
3385A4000050*5.350*5.3 O-Ring
3485A4000011.2*2.6511.2*2.65 O-Ring
3685984200M8M8 Nut

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