500mm High Neckring Manlid Assembly


Part No.: R3563501-00
Nominal Diameter : 500mm
Design Pressure : 3Bar(43PSI)
TestPressure : 4. 5Bar(65PSI)
Points : 6
Material:Stainless Steel
Design Temperature : – 40°C~ + 200°C

Temperature range depends on the seal Neck ring profiled to suit tank radius

High Neckring Manlid Assembly doubles the height of the neckring compared to the low neckring manlid, and the flanged reinforcement plate and straight cylinder part are integrally stamped to effectively enhance the strength of the tank. Stainless steel swingbolts with stainless steel handnuts. Seal sold separately.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.DescriptionMaterial
1R3 563 A04-01-00ManlidAssembly
2/Seal (Sold Separately)See Seal Data
4R4583A01-1 3-00Swingbolt AssemblyAssembly
6R4 583A01-03Hinge Pin304
7859960004*25Split Pin304

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