500mm Explosion-proof Manlid Assembly


Part No.: R156AF02-00
Nominal Diameter : 500mm
Design Pressure : 1Bar(14. 5PSI)
TestPressure : 1.5Bar(21.7PSI)
Emergency Relief Pressure: 21KPa ~ 35KPa
Points : 6
Material: Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Aluminum Alloy
Design Temperature : – 40°C~ + 200C

Temperature range depends on the seal

Explosion-proof Manlid Assembly is a manlid with emergency relief device, which can release the excessive pressure inside the tank.
Emergency relief pressure is divided into 5 files: 21-35, 35 49,49-63, 63-78 ,78-92(Kpa). Stainless steel swingbolts with stainless steel handnuts. Seal sold separately.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.DescriptionMaterial
2/Seal (Sold Separately)See Seal Data
4RL 148002-00Swingbolt AssemblyAssembly
50250A001-03Hinge Pin304
6859860003.2*20Split Pin304

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