1”PFA Lined Ball Valve


Part No.: QAF64001-00
Container Flange 4x ф 11x PCD103.5
Outlet 4 ф 18x PCD120-125
Nominal Diameter: 25mm
MAWP: 6.9Bar
Design Temperature: – 40°C~ + 190C
Contact Parts:304/PFA
Seal: PTFE

1″ PFA Lined Ball Valve – left open or right open with lead seal hole.Adopt one -piece ball stem design, with double sealing effect, the lining layer adopts soluble PTFE high-purity raw materials, with excellent corrosion resistance,high (low) temperature resistance, non-adhesive and electrical insulation, can resist the corrosion of various strong acids, strong alkalis, strong oxidants. It has the advantages of quick and convenient opening and closing, and small opening and closing force.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
2QAF64001-03Main Seal
3QAF64001-10Junk Ring
4QAF64001-08Lubricated Bearing
5QAF64001-07Stuffing Clamp
6859988005*8Countersunk Setscrew
7859988006*1 6Countersunk Setscrew
8859988006*20Countersunk Setscrew
1085A9000020*2 65O-ring
11QKB04001-091.5" Handle
14QAF64001-04-00One-piece Ball Stem
15QAF64001-01-00Valve Body Assembly

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