Swingbolt: ф16mm ( A) xM18 ( B ) x Central Height ( C ) . Stainless steel material. Fitted with M6 screw. With Swingbolt hinge pin and hand nuts.
Protected against loss.


Part No.Description
R4583A01-07-01ф1 6mmxM18x58mm
R4583A01-05-03ф 1 6mmxM18x83mm

Hand nut

Part No.Description
R4 583A01-05-01Naval Brass Hand Nut
R4 583A01-09-01Stainless steel Hand Nut

Swingbolt Assembly

Part No.Description
R4 583A01-07-00Short Swingbolt Assembly
R4 583A01-05-00Long Swingbolt Assembly

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Swing bolt


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