European Standard Manlid Cover


Part No.: R15LAC06-01-00
Nominal Diameter: 500mm .
Design Pressure: 1Bar(14. 5PSI)
TestPressure: 1 .5Bar(21.7PSI)
Points: 24
Material:stainless steel/carbon steel
Design Temperature: – 40°C~ + 200°C

Temperature range depends on the seal

European standard manlid cover main material is stainless steel, flange connection, emergency release function. Optional installation of oil and gas recovery valve, anti-overflow rod, oil hole, built-in breathing valve and other accessories

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.DescriptionMaterial
1R15LAC06-01-01-00Emergency Relief AssemblyAssembly
2R15LAC06-01-02-00Flange Cover AssemblyAssembly

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