DN65 Carbon Dioxide Ball Valve


Part No : QTCD6501-00
Connection :Socket solder connection on both sides
Nominal Diameter : 65mm
Nominal Pressure : 960PSI
Design Temperature :
960PSIG AT 120° F/100PSIG AT 375° F
Contact Parts : 316
Seal : PTFE、graphite

DN65 carbon dioxide ball valve, the connection between the valve and the outside is plug-in welding, the main seal is made of enhanced PTFE material with increasing temperature and resistance,the winding gasket is used between the valve body and main seal, and the bottom bracket is multi-stage sealed.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
2QTCD6501-02 Cap
3QTCD6501-03 Ball
4QTCD6501-04 Spindle
5QTCD6501-05Main Seal
6QTCD6501-06 Winding Gasket
7QTCD6501-07Bottom Bearing
8QTCD6501-08Packing Cover
9QTCD6501-09 Graphite Gasket
10QTCD6501-10Locating Piece
1285988100M10*25M10X 25 Stop Bolt
1485987000M16*60M16 X 60 Screw
1685988100M6*10M6X 10 Stop Bolt
17QTCD6501-12Weld Sheath

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