500mm Manlid Assembly with 300mm Inspection


Part No.: 0250A004-00
Nominal Diameter : 500mm
Design Pressure : 1Bar(15. 4PSI)
TestPressure : 1.5Bar(21.7PSI)
Points : 6&3
Material:Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Aluminum Alloy
Design Temperature : – 40°C~ + 200°C

Temperature range depends on the seal

Optional – Inspection diameter 260mm,300mm and other sizes can be customized; Optional – Deep neckring height 120mm, 1 50mm and other dimensions can be customized; Stainless steel swingbolts with stainless steel handnuts. Manlid seal sold separately.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.DescriptionMaterial
10230A002-01-00300mm ManlidAssembly
2/300mm Seal( Sold Separately)See Seal Data
30250A004-01-00500mm ManlidAssembly
4/500mm Seal(Sold Separately)See Seal Data
50250 A004-04-00Neck RingAssembly
6RL 146501-00Short Swingbolt AssemblyAssembly
7RL148002-00Long Swingbolt AssemblyAssembly
80250A001-03Hinge Pin304
9859860003.2*20Split Pin304
108598 100012304

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