500mm Manlid Assembly with Rupture Disc Gripper


Part No.: R4583A75-01-00
Nominal Diameter : 500mm
Design Pressure : 4Bar(58PSI)
TestPressure : 6Bar(87PSI)
Points : 8
Material:stainless steel/carbon steel
Design Temperature : – 40°C~ + 200°C

Temperature range depends on the seal

A10” rupture disc can be installed on the manlid cover;
Stainless steel swingbolts with stainless steel handnuts or brass handnuts; Manlid seal sold separately.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart NO.DescriptionMaterial
3B25006000110" Rupture Disc/
4R4583A75-01-02-00Rupture Disc Clamp component304/316L
5SNFA0174Rupture Disc Installing Fasteners304/316L
6R4583A75-01-03-00Dust Cover Assembly304/316L
7SNFA0175Dust Cover Installing Fasteners304

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