2"Flange Air Inlet Butterfly Valve

Part No. : DKF75001-00
Connection:4x ф 18 x PCD125
4x ф 18x PCD114.3
Nominal Diameter: 48.7mm
Nominal Pressure: 6.9Bar
Contact Parts: 316
Fitted with PTFE seal
Design Temperature: -40°C ~ 200°C

2″ Flanged Air Inlet Butterfly Valve- -outlet flange drilled 4x ф 18 holes equi-spaced on a 114.3-125mm PCD,Complete with 1/4″ pressure gauge connection and TIR facility to handle. Contact parts in 316 stainless steel with PTFE seal. .

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
2DKB75001-02Seal Clamp Plate
3DKB75001-03Main Seal
4DKB75001-04Closure Plate
6DKB75001-10 0-Ring
7DLJ68001-18V Packing
9DLJ68001-09Split Bearing
10DKB75001-09Stuffing Clamp
11GB/T6170-2000| Nut
12GB/T93-1987Spring Washer
13GB/T819.1-2000Sockethead Capscrew
14GB/T70.3-2000Countersunk Setscrew
15DKB75001-06 Handle
16DKB75001-07Operating Lever
17DLJ68001-14 Handle Location Pin
18DLJ68001-15Handle Location Spring
19DLJ68001-16Split Ring
20DLJ68001-19PTFE Bearing
22GB/T70.3-2000Countersunk Setscre

Note: Part for repairing is available.


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