Valve Main Seal


Valve Main Seal

Part No.Tofit
QKB04001-021.5” Air Inlet Ball Valve Front Main Seal
QKB04001-081.5” Air Inlet Ball Valve Rear Main Seal
QLF65001-042* Full Bore Ball Valve Front Main Seal
QLF65001-052* Full Bore Ball Vaive Rear Main Seal
QLF65001-052”-3"Full Bore Ball Vaive Front/Rear Main Seal
QLF68001-043* Full Bore Ball Vaive Front Main Seal
QLF68001-053"Full Bore Ball Valve Rear Main Seal
DLJ68001-033” Butterfly Valve PTFE Main Seal


Part No.Tofit
APB24001-051.5” BSP Relief Valive Pressure O-Ring
APB24001-061.5” BSP Relief Valve Vacuum O-Ring
QLF75002-042*.3*Full Bore Ball Vaive Plug Encapsulated O-Ring
GB/T3452.1-19922”-3”Full Bore Ball Valve Plug O-Ring
APB46501-032.5” Relief Valve Pressure O-Ring
APB46501-052.5”Relief Valve Vacuum O-Ring
DLJ68001-083” Butterfly Valve Clamping Plate O-Ring
JS468001-053” Butterfly Vaive Closure Plate O-Ring

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