A unique rupture disc especially designed for the protection of intermodal tank containers and corresponding to the latest norms of IMO, ADR, RIO, USDOT, DOT BLUE and ISO.

BS&B facilities works and tests according to national and international standards and codes including ASME VIII, AD Merkblatt A1 and EN ISO 4126-2:Bursting disc safety devices.

BS&B is part of a global network of ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities with locations in Tulsa,Oklahoma; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Houston, Texas;Limerick, Ireland; Monterey, Mexico; Edmonton, Canada;Sao Paulo, Brazil; Suzhou, China; and Chennai, India.Guard has a long term relationship with BS&B and we are their only agent in the line of tank containers, road tankers and rail tankers.

ISO Tank Containers/Road Tankers

Part No.SizeSet to burst at
B0650440-0165mm4.40 BAR@20°C
B0650484-0165mm4.84 BAR@20°C
B0650726-0165mm7.26 BAR@20°C
B0650806-0165mm8.06 BAR@20°C
B0650900-0165mm9.00 BAR@20°C
B0800440-0180mm4.40 BAR@20°C
B0800484-0180mm4.84 BAR@20°C
B0800726-0180mm7.26 BAR@20°C
B0800806-0180mm8.06 BAR@20°C
B0800900-0180mm9.00 BAR@20°C

Gas Tanks

Part No.SizeSet to burst at
B0891 660-0189mm16.60 BAR@55°C
B0892750-0189mm27. 50 BAR@55°C
B0893036-0189mm30.36 BAR@55°C
B0892200-0189mm22.00 BAR@55°C
B0893785-0189mm37.85 BAR@55°C
B0892318-0189mm23.18 BAR@55°C

Hydrogen Peroxide

Part No.SizeSet to burst at
B2500450-01 250mm4.50 BAR@20°C
B2500450-02250mm4.50 BAR@60°C
B2500600-01250mm6.00 BAR@20°C

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