Document Holders

Part No.Description
WJ00P1*PVC 110 mm diamx 315 mm. long version
WJ0002*PVC 75 mm diam X 165 mm. short version
WJ0003*PVC 75 mm diam X 315 mm. long version
WJ00S1*SS 110 mm diamx 315 mm. long version

Note: All including fixing brackets and cap with cable.

Flameproof Gauzes

Part No.Description
APB24001-20-001.5" lameproof Gauzes -1. 5 Safety ReliefValve
APB46501-20-002.5" Flameproof Gauzes- 2.5 Safety ReliefValve

Fitting clamped gauzering to 1.5″ Reliefvalve reduces theflow by 12 %;
Fitting clamped gauzering to 2.5″ Reliefvalve reduces the flow by 1 %.


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