4″ Angle Sulfur Cut-off Valve

Part No.: 174C0003-00
8x ф 18x PCD180
8x ф 18 x PCD180
Nominal Diameter: 100mm
Nominal Pressure: 16Bar
Design Temperature: – 40°C~ + 200°C
Contact Parts: CF8
Seal: PTFE、Graphite

4″ Angle Sulfur Cut-off Valve – Inlet flange is 8 xф18 equispaced on the PCD180mm flange, outlet flange is 8x ф 18 equispaced on the PCD 180mm flange . This Angle cut-off valve adopts the full enveloping heating, can realize the heating function of the valve body to the greatest extent, the main seal is made of PTFE, which has the advantages of long service life, easy sealing and easy replacement.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
3174C0003-03Pressure Plate
4174C0003-04Pressure Plate Gland
5174C0003-05Leading Screw
6174C0003-06Split Collar
7174C0003-07Packing Cover
8174C0003-08Junk Ring
9174C0003-09Locating Piece
10174C0003-10Locating Piece
11174C0003-11Split Collar
13174C0003-13Screw Bearing
16174C0003-16Main Seal
1785988100M8*20M8 X 20 Stop Bolt
1885987100M12*60M12 X 60 Screw
198598110012Spring Washer
2185983300M12*35M12 X35 Screw
228598110012Spring Washer
2385983300M8*35M8 X 35 Hexagon Bolt

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