3″ Road Tanker Butterfly Valve

Part No.: HDB08001-00
Connection : Intlet Welding
Outlet 3”BSP
Nominal Diameter: 80mm
Nominal Pressure: 6Bar
Contact Parts: 316 .
Fitted with PTFE seal
Design Temperature: -40°C~200°C

3”Road Tanker Butterfly Valve- – Left open, with lead seal hole, location pin and Multistage seal on spindle,Prevent leaking on transportation. It is also suitable to act as a bottom discharge.

Fitting Details

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
1HDB08001-01Flange to Welding
3DL B68002-00II Unify Butterfly Valve
6GB/T93Spring Washer

Note: Part for repairing is available.


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