3″ Flanged Safety Relief Valve

Part No: APF48001-00
Nominal Diameter: DN80
Connection: Tank Flange4x ф 18x PCD145
Pressure Setting: 4. 4Bar/63.8PSIG
Pressure Setting: -0.21Bar/6.2” HG
Contact Parts: 316L
Seal F EP/Silicon Encapsulated 0-Ring
Design Temperature: -55°C ~ 200°C
Weight: 5.26kg

Note: According to customers' requirements and design standard, the valve carries out pressure adjustment and lead sealing. In case of danger, it is forbidden to open the lead sealing.

Fitting Details

Part Number Varies with different connection

ItemOptional Connection
14xф18mmxPCD 145
24xф18mmxPCD 152.4

Pressure Range

Pressure SettingPart No.
Pressure : 2.2Bar Vacuum: 0.21 BarAPF28001-00
Pressure: 4 .4Bar Vacuum: 0.21BarAPF48001-00

Different pressure and vacuum settings are available.

Part Drawing

ItemPart No.Description
1AMF46501-05Plastic Plug
3AMF46501-08Pressure Spring
4AMF48001-09Pressure Spring
5GB/T 6172.1Nut
6APB46501-07Vacuum Spring Pad
7APB46501-06Vacuum Spring
8APF A8001-03Vacuum Spring Pad
9APB46501-02Pressure Plate
11APB46501-04Vacuum Poppet

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