3″ 45°Bottom Discharge with Sample Valve

Part No.:HDJ48005-00
Flange drilled8xф14xPCD178
Outlet DC Camlock
Nominal Pressure:6Bar
Contact Parts:316
Fitted with FEP/Silicon Encapsulated O-Ring
Design Temperature:-40℃~200℃

3” 45° Bottom Discharge with Sample Valve-3”45° Foot Valve+3″ Clamped Butterfly Valve+3″ DC Outlet+1/2 Two Pieces Ball Valve and cap.Flange drilled 8xф14x PCD178.
Option-Shutting-off device for emergency and fusible link.

Fitting Details

Part No.Description
ZDH48001-02Weld-in Flange
ZDH48001-01-00PTFE+CNAF Gasket
SNFA0009Screw Kits

Part Drawing


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